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Elephant Culling

I was shocked and disappointed when I found out that WWF considers elephant culling an option. I cant justify gunning down entire families. There is evidence that whatever habitat the elephants destroy will regenerate within five years. Also, they will return in greater numbers after a cull. I understand WWF is not an animal rights organization, but I think conservation and animal rights are indeed compatible, we just have to try harder to make them so.
Nothing to me justifies killing an animal as sentient, emotionally complex, intelligent and family oriented animal like the elephant. To me it is murder. Humans are the reason they are in this mess, but we don't cull humans do we?
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  • Miriam (Official Rep) May 23, 2013 09:39
    We recognise that trophy hunting is controversial. It is rarely our preferred option, but we do have to work within the realities and challenges of conservation on the ground. For endangered species, trophy hunting should only be considered when all other options have been explored. In addition, we maintain that trophy hunting should always be based on sound science, should benefit the conservation of the species or its habitat, and should provide benefits for local communities who live in proximity to the species that is hunted. Our conservation work is often linked with poverty alleviation and creating economic incentives. A significant proportion of the revenue generated from trophy hunting must go back into conservation programmes and the local community. We do not oppose trophy hunting programmes that are part of a wider government conservation strategy that is scientifically based, properly managed and strictly enforced. If properly managed, trophy hunting projects can reduce poaching; provide valuable income to local communities for conservation and development projects and help boost population numbers of threatened species over the long term. Nevertheless, we would never support trophy hunting in countries where it is culturally or religiously inappropriate.
    For information on the work we are doing to protect the elephants please see
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