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Fire Fighting

Hi, my name is Chafic Ghazale the owner of Ehden Adventures establishment for outdoors activities, our work is around Ehden Natural reserve, amoung many other enviromental roles that we do is fire fighting and rescuing, but we lack in equipment so we decided with the local municipality to open a bank account for fund raising, and one of the equipment is a 4x4 specially equiped against fire, so plz if u have detail about how to equip one in order to save money plz send us detail
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  • Miriam (Official Rep) May 16, 2012 09:34
    Thank you for writing in. It's great to see your commitment towards the cause.
    WWF tries to support as many people and initiatives as it can, in many varied ways, in our joint efforts to conserve the environment. However, funds are extremely limited and it is unlikely, other than in exceptional circumstances, for WWF to support a project if that work has not been previously created with the help, inputs or expertise of WWF, or been commissioned by WWF.

    We suggest you contact your local WWF office for more details in this regard. The contact details, along with website URLs of all our offices are available at:

    You could also seek the help of other NGOs operating in your area.

    Another option is to look at the following site

    Hope this helps.
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