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free contraception on the planet

Après la journée mondiale pour l'environnement du mardi 5 juin 2012 et avant le sommet de Rio 2012 :

7 billions of humans on the planet in 2012. 9 billions in 2050. I ask to the billionaires, rich stars, people with to much money, to pay free condom, free contraception for all the planet (for people who can't pay that). shanty town and building are more and more important. We cut trees for that. The human activity kills the nature. Why I must work and have children ? Animals, vegetation, bees, fishes, ... disapear. the rise in the water level is more and more important : no island in a few year. Where goes the population ? The pollution is more and more important like the hole in the ozone layer. We must take care and a free contraception is better. A lot of people wants and love child. No problem for after. (escuse me, my englist is very bad). Deforestation = desertification = no water, no food. Human are crasy and they need medecine, so free contraception is a good care for a good health of the planet.
one or two child, that enought (not only boy, like in India or China) : free contraception for all the planet !
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  • Mim (Official Rep) June 10, 2012 08:07
    Hi Marianne,
    Thank you for your ideas, we appreciate them!

    Yes, human population growth is a big issue which is having a huge affect on our planet - have a read here for the latest Living Planet report:

    It can be quite a tricky area to confront, and you can read here for ways in which WWF has been working with local communities to reduce their impact:

    I hope you find these interesting,
    All the best,
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