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Garbage problem in Indonesia

Dear Sirs

I'm writing you on behalf of the big garbage problem which Indonesia – and other third world countries – encounter.

SinceI visited Indonesia for the last time I got interested in the action multinational companies take to resolve the garbage problem they are responsible for in the first place. They sell the water bottles and other food in plastic containers so they should – on my opinion – help this countries to get rid of the garbage. I sent letters to Danone (their Aqua is very popular in Indonesia) and will get in contact with Nestlé also.

But I'm very interested what your organisation is doing in this matter? I've learned that you have several projects in Indonesia. Unfortunately your link on marine protected areas is not working.
Also a lot of sea life is endangered by plastic in Asia. I guess the link would have explained me more about your solutions on fishery, but maybe you have a program for the garbage problem?

I'd be very happy to receive more information about your engagement in Indonesia!

Thank you very much and thank you for your work,
Miriam Erni, Switzerland
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  • Hi Miriam,
    Thank you for writing in with your concerns. Generally speaking, the staff in our WWF-Indonesia office are in the best position to discuss their regional issues. WWF works very much as the regional and local level, so they should be your first port of call. Contact details and website link for that office can be found from this link:

    As for the broken link you gave above, it has a WWF-Indonesia address, so it too may need to be fixed on their end. Did you find that link from our website? If so, could you please send us the url of the page the link was found on so we can try to fix any faults on our end, or help track down its origin Perhaps it was from the following link, which may be of interest to you if you haven't already seen it:

    Marine Protected Areas:

    Hope this helps.
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