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Help To protect Nyumba Nitu forest for water sources in Njombe.

Pretty Development for Poverty Reduction (PDPR) - is a local (Non-governmental Organization and non-profit making). Situated in Njombe district but operate in whole national (Zanzibar and Tanzania mainland), PDPR base in rural areas of Tanzania, target to serve women, children, youth and marginalized group who are small scale farmers and small business man in Rural areas.
Its registration No is 000NGO/006208. The organization runs its activities through the generous support and participation of individuals and interested global entities partners.
PDPR request you to join your hands in protecting the Nyumba Nitu (Black forest) in Njombe district this is among of old and natural forest in our area and have big traditional history and is crucial for conservation of water sources. we invite volunteers to come create awareness, plant trees and to work in our nurseries of trees. also to donate materials and money for running the conservation.
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