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Home work help

Have more pictures. Make a 'kids school homework help' section
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  • Hi Lucie
    Thanks for your feedback. We have tried a homework help section in the past but it is very hard to guess what your homework questions from around the world will be. It is also hard trying to work out which age we should target our pages too. Pre-school, early school, mid school or high school? All the age groups have different needs.....See our problem.

    Also, to be honest, we've found that most kids go straight to the "help" section and ask their questions to us without having much of a look around the website to see if the answer to their question is already there. Perhaps we could have a page that helps kids work out how to really search and use the website?

    However, we do have a great section known as "about our earth" which has lots of different topics you can explore. Not all of it will be kid-friendly but feel free to ask an adult to help you understand the bits that may not make a sense - a teacher, librarian, big brother or sister, or parent can all help

    Have a look through and let us know what you think would make it kid friendly. (It has pictures but perhaps you'd like different sort of pictures?)

    The other thing you can do is check out your national office's webpage. Sometimes the national offices have kids clubs or kids pages. It's worth having a peak.
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