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I’m frustrated

How can we get your HELP? PANAMA URGENT!!

I have been trying to contact WWF in panama with NO success, PLEASE HELP
My name is Carolina Arango, Im panamanian. This morning on the news we found out that there are several projects being planed INSIDE our NATIONAL PARK CAMINO DE CRUCES..... this park was created between two other National parks Soberania on north side and Metropolitan Park on the south to guarantee the uninterrupted flow of special between these protected areas! It is also a natural corridor that protects and assures the maintenance of the Panama CANAL.

They are SELLING LAND situated INSIDE the National Park Camino de Cruces to develop residential projects!

The government has already deforested a great part at this area to build a Hospital CITY, (how IRONIC). Now they also want to build a 4 lane highway through the Canal Zone areas (these Forts left by the Americans are part of our history, we cannot accept to destroy them). How can you HELP US??
We are EXTREMELY concerned, Who can give us INTERNATIONAL HELP??
we cannot permit this to keep happening, its a regretfull situation.
This types of situations are of world wide concern, it affects us all.

I appreciate all the help you can give us
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