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I ́m interested in working for WWF

Hello, my name is Ana Sofía Goulu and I ́m very interested in working in WWF. I really like this organization and I know I could do a good job.
I ́m from Argentina, and I ́m currently living in Brazil. I speak fluently Spanish, English and Portuguese.
I have a degree in Tourism, specialized in creating touristic products; and this year I ́m doing an internship in Brazil as an English teacher.
I am offering myself to work in this organization in any part of the world, but not as an internship, but as a job.
Please contact me if you are interested.
My e-mail is
Best regards,
Ana Sofía Goulu
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  • Miriam (Official Rep) July 28, 2015 08:06

    Thank you for writing in, it's great that you want to work in the environmental field.

    To find out about employment opportunities, you are welcome to contact any WWF office of your choice. Most of our offices around the world are managed independently - so that means they have their own separate projects, volunteer programs and job opportunities.

    All the contact details for our offices are found here:                                      

    You could also visit the jobs section on:

    or on linkedin

    All the best.
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