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Incorrect Facts

I am Terrestrial Conservation Programme Manager, WWF-New Zealand. I have spotted some errors of fact in the info about the NZ Temperate Forest ecoregion. In the geographical location section it states that the location is South Island, New Zealand, whereas the list of regions includes a number of North Island ecoregions.

Also in the section on Northland Temperate Forests it states these are also known as the Volcanic plateau. This area is distinct from the Northland Temperate kauri forests and is not Northland (a distinct province of the North Island, North of Auckland) but should read "North Island Temperate Forests" to distinguish it from the Northland kauri forests later mentioned, which are a distinct ecological community in their own right.

The information on our current work programme are also incorrect. The key threats identified are also incorrect with the two main threats being invasive species (animal and plant) and intensification in agricultural land use, especially dairying, but also peri-urban growth. I would be happy to draft some alternative content if this would be helpful.

Marc Slade
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