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information contained in 'Why does biodiversity matter' page

I was browsing this page to re-affirm my thoughts on the biodiversity situation of our planet - namely, why biodiversity matters and why it is important that we are killing ~200 species every day.
However, this page seems very scattered, using generic phrases and "buzzwords" to try to convey what i believe is a very simple point:

Biodiversity matters because if you have an ecosystem made entirely of grass, grasshoppers, cows, and humans, that is not a very stable system. if anything happens to affect the populations of the grass, grasshoppers, cows, or humans(!), the entire system collapses because nothing can fill that niche. An ecosystem with 1000 species is much more robust and resilient to stress than 100 species.

^^^ this simple fact is contained nowhere in this page, and as it is a very SIMPLE and STRAIGHTFORWARD concept (not to mention absolutely essential to our survival), i feel it should be included.
I understand you are trying to embrace the Lowest Common Denominator here, and are trying to take into account various education levels and backgrounds of folks who may visit this page, but throwing numbers (the net worth of the biosphere?? SERIOUSLY?? As if $$ would matter when our global ecosystems collapse...) and assorted facts around does not help a visitor walk away with any understanding, much less a desire to help.

Sorry to be harsh, was expecting much more from this page. please email me with followup if desired :)
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