Invitation for professional to take part in REDD+ Student Seminar Brazil May 2011

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are a group of Forestry Students from the Federal University of Brazil (UFPR) called PET-Floresta and we organize annually a Seminar on important issues related to our field of study to complement and update our studies. This year, one of the issues explored will be REDD and REDD+. Researching further on this topic, we have come across The Forest Dialogue and its work and, therefore, we would very much like to learn from a professional involved in this discussion.

Thus, we are writing in order to invite a professional from your organization who works with REDD+ to give a lecture on this issue in our student seminar. We are thinking of Mr. Rodney Taylor, for example. If he is not available, we would appreciate if you could suggest us other names.

The Seminar will be hold in Curitiba (South of Brazil) on the second half of May. Since we are students, we are unable to provide funds for the plane tickets so we ask, should the professional come, for you organization to subsidize the trip.

We would be deeply grateful if we could count on Mr. Taylor's presence in our Seminar.
We look forward to your reply.


Sabina Dessartre Mendonça
On behalf of PET-Floresta Group
4th year student of Forestry at UFPR
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