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Is this the kind of "effort" that WWF supports with the money of the contributions it receives?

Is this the kind of "effort" that WWF supports with the money of the contributions it receives?

Please read carefully our message below, as this "lady" has been receving financial benefits, for years now, from WWF to her alledged "preservacionist efforts" on the region.

A woman, owner of a big farm on the region known as Pantanal (Mato Grosso do Sul - Brazil) was reported to the local police for selling "touristic packages" on her farm, which included the brutal killing of wild animals, all of them listed on the brazilian protection species act.The author of the report was a foreigner, that had a video where the group and this person, called Beatriz Rondon, intentionally shot two onças-pintadas (our local jaguar with black spots) that were quietly resting on the property on a tree.The police let her go free, even after finding of several dead bodies of protected animals on her property and the guns and rifles used for the "touriistc" shooting of her regular clientes, to which she also offered bed and meals.Is is said they paid 40 thousand dollars for the illegal "right" to kill each of these animals.This was posted on our local papers and exhibited on our biggest TV channel:

Our main question is: why hasn't this woman been arrested? You will see she smiles when she refers to the brutal way the animals were killed. AND: WHAT do YOU INTEND to DO about THIS?

Please tell us: what do YOU intend to do about THIS?
YOUR REPUTATION & CREDIBILITY is AT STAKE NOW, at this very moment, here in Brazil.
And in a worldwide basis as well, as we have started an international petition in order to TELL the WORLD what is happening with WWF Brazil' financial contributions and attitudes.

While remaining free, she will probably keep "selling her services" for the shooting and killing of many other animals in the region.There is certainly something very WRONG going on here, in Mato Grosso do Sul, where big farmers still constitute the major force on the region, stronger even that the official representatives of our law enforcemente dispositions.This CANNOT go unpunished. NOBODY here even SEEMS to care. DO YOU?
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