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Job opportunities for youngsters

I am an Italian girl, I have recently graduated and I would be interested in working at WWF. Unfortunately every vacancy seems to require at least two or three years of experience, which I clearly do not have. Therefore I was wondering if there is any opportunity of internship or apprenticeship at WWF and if so, where can I apply?
  • Miriam (Official Rep) May 30, 2014 04:00
    Thank you for contacting us and congratulations on pursuing a career in nature conservation. We hope you have a long and successful journey ahead.

    You can find some more information on internship and volunteer opportunities below:

    You may also be interested in our Youth Volunteer & Internship Programme

    However, with regards to volunteering and internships, you are always encouraged to contact any WWF office directly for more information. The contact details of all our offices are available at:

    I hope that this helps but please do write back if you want any other information.
    All the best and good luck.
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