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List of campains in donate page


In donate page, is it possible to provide the list of your on going campains? In order to choose which campains will receive the money donated.

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  • Hi Teva,
    Thanks for your support, we do appreciate it.

    Most of our offices around the world are managed independently, and they are responsible for local projects in their region. So if there was a campaign you were interested in supporting, it is probably best to contact that WWF office (for example, saving the Great Barrier Reef - WWF-Australia).

    With WWF International, money donated goes into a general "pool", and from this pool funds are allocated to current projects.

    One way you could be certain that your money will go specifically towards a campaign that you choose, is to support the Adopt an Animal program. Your donation will go directly to protecting that animal species. Have a look here:

    I hope this helps, and thanks again for your partnership.
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