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Local pollutions study

Can I ask for an interview to someone who is working in your project: WWF?
I have been working in the pollution and waste of the bioproductive land in my town and I would like someone to ask me some questions:

- The result that I have got after the calculations of the consumptions of my town is 4 Ha/cap. I am really surprised about this result because by the moment I did it I thought that my town was sustainable. Do we have to be alarmed or not yet?

- However, If I compare the ecological footprint of my town with the North American footprint it is not so bad. Is North American footprint a reason to be pessimist? The key for reducing the world ecological footprint is North America?

- Talking about your association: Global Footprint Network. Which is the goal of your association? Do you thing your message arrives to the people, specially the occidental people?

- Some days before I received a message from you informing about the 2008 overshoot day. What is going wrong with the people and the planet? Why is this day coming every year faster?

- If I launch my work to the Town Hall, what could I ask for? What should they do to stop the high consumption and pollution in my town? Is the situation of my town a problem of the mentality of the people or the preventive infrastructures of the town are not enough?

- Most of the ecological footprints show that the energy consumption is what requires more bio productive space. Does Global Footprint Network have any special initiative for the energy?

- Can we all individually reduce the world ecological footprint or who have to act basically are the governments and the global organizations?

- Nowadays, are we in a worrying situation or do we still have time to change the situation of the planet?

- Finally, considering the evolution of the global ecological footprint in the last years, can we reduce our global ecological footprint in the next years or it is too late and the occidental society is not prepared itself to face up a change in its mentality?
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  • it depends whether the government and the leaders of other countries can step up to the plate and reduce their carbon footprint. But many others like to convince our leaders that global warming is a scam. it all depends. But we can reduce our own carbon footprint in the coming years by convincing your local communities to go green by changing your depends to renewable energy, recycle, create park and grow trees.
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