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more information please

more information on how you aim to/are achieving the conservation in the sections for each area. are you aiding national parks or funding research? Are the aims for the conservation just directed at specific species or the entire ecosystem. have there been any improvements whilst you have been working there? are you working in conjuncture with other organisations? have there been any big problems / obstacles?
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  • Hi Lizzy,
    Thanks for your interest in WWF's work. Here are some links to areas of our website which should answer your questions.

    We are strategically focusing on conserving critical places and critical species that are particularly important for the conservation of our earth's rich biodiversity.

    Here are some on our success stories:

    How WWF works:

    Especially partnerships:

    As for problems or obstacles...that is a very broad question. Each project has it's own unique challenges, so just have a look through some of our major projects and you will see headings for "threats" "Challenges" etc.

    Hope this help.
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