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More than an "Animal Charity".

I spent a short time as a WWF fundraiser, working through a direct marketing organisation. I was proud to have the WWF logo on my chest and I was happy to be raising funds for such a great organisation. Unfortunately, one of the key objections I got from potential donors is "We love animals, but we are more interested in charities which help people and the environment.". I am fully aware that the WWF helps both the environment (Hence the recent name change to the world wide fund for nature) and also helps people all over the world, by helping people be sustainable and protecting animals which are an integral part of their lives due to the ecosystem. The reason I was aware of this was because I had done more in-depth research into the WWF's operations.
Unfortunately the people I talked to were not aware of this and described the WWF as an "purely animal charity", and it is very difficult to turn peoples opinions on this as a fundraiser due to the limited amount of time I had to talk to each potential supporter. My idea is to make the general public aware of just how the work the WWF does benefit people around the world and future generations. Thanks for reading, I really do appreciate it. If anybody else wants to add anything on to this idea, or to add their own thoughts and experiences, please do not hesitate.
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