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Need funds for helping the people effected by flood in PAKISTAN

I am indivisual person and my name is Azeem Ahmed and i am from karachi, PAKISTAN. I started to collect the donations for helping the poor and effected people by flood in PAKISTAN. So my request is that if your organization will help me in this regards then these people will be great thankful to you. So i need funds to buy foods and camps etc and truck rent to reach them. My strategy is to accomodate these people for atleast 1 month as depends on the funds management.

I have contact to many organization and persons but no one is helping me in this regards, WHO and other international organization is giving funds to PAKISTANI govenrment which too much corrupt, better is to reach to them and help them with you own hand and how should i assure you that i am very honest and i garuntee you that each and every money will reach to these helpless people. Or you can send any of your representative so we can work together for them.

Minimum i need 5000 USD in which i will arrange the food item, camps, cloths and also i amange truck rent in 5000USD.

Azeem Ahmed
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