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Need ideas for educating youngsters about bio-diversity

we, a group of residents of Nilgiris District of Tamilnadu, India had decided to setup a bio-diversity park in 10 acres of land. The aim of this venture is to educate all the youngsters of this region about the importance of environmental protection and effectively converting them as the protectors of our bio-diversity in this region. We seek fresh ideas, themes, and concepts for our park (everything live and natural) on how to attract youngsters and teach them our goal. The ideas should be informative, funny and exciting_ not just class room type teaching.
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  • Hi Mujeeb,
    Thank you for contacting us to share your project, it sound inspiring and we congratulate you on taking such initiative.

    One place to start would be to contact your local WWF-India office to see what sort of local resources they may be able to share with you.

    You may also get some ideas from the teaching resources on the "About our Earth" tab on our home page. There is a section on Biodiversity:

    And also a section with various teaching resources, that might just give you some ideas:

    I hope this help. Good luck to you!
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