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Offices leaving computers on every night contributes to global warming

Re global warming, I am concerned that many offices (especially in Australia) let their employees leave their computers on at night. The only reason being to save 2 minutes booting it up the next morning. Some leave them on even during the weekends.

I noticed there hasn't been much effort to encourage the public to turn computers off when not in used.

Greenhouse gases emissions could have been reduced if everyone turns their computers off at night.

I only wish WWF could do something to encourage the public or pass on the message to someone who could.
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  • Mim (Official Rep) November 29, 2012 01:38
    HI Aximili,
    Good point about excessive energy use in society - if we add up the amount of energy used by idle/standby computers around the world that would be a staggering amount.

    There has been some education around this issue, Earth Hour being a good example. However the biggest challenge is to get people to create a new habit of switching off.

    I suggest you contact your WWF Australia office from more information and see what is being done in this area. Their contact details are found here:

    Many thanks,

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