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Passport points request

Hi all,

I cannot find my passport points in my profile. It kept appearing and disappearing and now it has disappeared entirely. I gathered lots of points throughout past years, can it be please retrieved? I also miss the information which was included in my panda passport - so which action did I participate in..

Thanks for solving this.
Best, Eva
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  • Hi Eva,
    Thanks for your on-going participation and support, we truly value that sort of dedication. We are going through some structural changes at the moment in an effort to stay up to speed with the changing social media environment. Panda Passport is scheduled to be relaunched soon, and we are assured that all existing member details have not been lost, even if they are not accessible by you at the moment.
    We appreciate your understanding of this necessary evolution. But do feel free to keep in touch with us to check on the progress over coming months.

    All the best
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