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Please WWF kindly intervaine by preventing "herackles farm" from depleting the cameroon rainforest and its endanged species. i know WWF is a global site for forest conservation that why am acting immediately for WWF to prevent these investors from depleting a dense forest area of about 100.000 soccer field. Please if this site/WWF is about forest conservation and wildlife then immediate action need to be take cos even the country member are hardly refusing this project. greenpeace seems taking action and i want WWF to play a major role to drive these investors from the forest. PLEASE TAKE ACTION NOW (am Emmanuel Amankwah) thanks

Subject: Investors in Herakles Farms: Stop Funding Destruction in Africa


Herakles Farms is a US agribusiness company who wants to plow through swaths of natural forest in Cameroon’s South west province and convert the area into a palm oil plantation. They have little regard for local laws, the local environment and - least of all - local communities, who have depended on the land for generations.

The palm oil plantation be bad news for people. It also threatens the habitat of the chimpanzee. This forest is worth more to the people of Africa and future generations if it is left standing. Tell the people behind this reckless project to walk away and put their money somewhere else.

That's why I signed a petition to Justin Patterson, Managing Member, Harkin Value Partners.

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