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Poaching alert - rhino location on camera traps!

While it is wonderful that WWF share photos taken of animals, it is a potential tip-off for poachers to identify the lacation of rhinos as on their South African camera trap.

I suggest the location is deleted from these photos.
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  • Hi Mathilde,

    We share your concern and are cautious about the use of camera trap images. WWF does not share live images of rhinos or the details of the cameras' specific locations. However, it is widely known which parks and reserves in South Africa have rhinos. The parks themselves are eager to publicize their rhinos and other species. We have never received a report of a poaching incident being tied to camera traps. In fact, some suggest that the traps could be a deterrent to poachers who do not wish to be caught on camera themselves.

    I it great that you are thinking more deeply about these issues and are not afraid to bring up your thoughts and concerns. I hope this helps clarify things for you.
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