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Polar bear was sadistically killed in Russia, but WWF Russia says IT'S OKAY

This incident occurred in December 2015 on Wrangel Island, Russia, at Rusalians Company polar station, where the chef gave the explosives as a food for the polar bears. According to eyewitnesses in the social networks, the animal got injured and died.
After the bear ate the deadly food, it is a long time to suffer and bleed. The witnesses made a video and posted on According to one of the locals, the chef has long fed up and decided to bear so fun. We also know that with my mother-bear to the people for food came her teddy bear. Pets peacefully took away food and went back home, without causing harm to no man. The incident caused a storm of indignation public.
However, in an interview with radio station "Moscow speaking" Project Coordinator for the conservation of biodiversity in the Arctic World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in Russia Mikhail Stishov says "This is the usual method of self-defense," a signal of the hunter. "It so happens that the bear ate the explosives. "
Please protect polar bears and and punish all those responsible.
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