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Polar Bear Raft

I have written a poem that I am turning into a children's book to make money to build a raft to drop from a plane to save a struggling polar bear. Can a polar bear expert contact me as I have specific questions.

Renew was a polar bear and he lived up north,
And of his blood line, he was fourth.

He had a grandfather whose name was Will.
And whose shoes Renew would one day fill.

Now Renew liked to fish & play.
That’s what he did most of the day.

He loved it best when it was really cold,
Much more than his grandfather, who was really old.

He asked his Dad one day in spring, what happened to grandfather?
He’d heard about a ring.

His father sat on a huge piece of ice,
And tried to tell him something nice.

He said” My father was a great hunter son,
And like you, he liked to have some fun.

He swam in the ocean all the time,
Catching fish while in his prime.

One day while hunting on the ice,
It cracked away in pieces thrice.

He started to float out to sea,
Farther and farther, 0H dear me!.

He dove into the water to swim to shore,
But as he got closer the ice was no more.

The ice was receding as fast as he could think,
And swim as hard as he did he began to sink.

Grandfather could see as he looked around,
A ring of ice that looked like ground.

But every time he swam that way,
It disappeared just like the day.

He never did make it home,
And so he felt very alone.

He swam and swam and kept on swimming.
He was exhausted and his head was spinning.

The sun came up the very next day
And he heard a sound from far away.

It sounding like a pulsing beat,
This scared him, so he tried to retreat.

The next he knew, he heard a splash
And looked around really fast.

Before his eyes, he saw a mound,
Floating there without a sound.

He swam towards it with his last breath
And climbed aboard to have a rest.

Attached to this island was a net
With fish inside, for him I bet!

He had a rest and then he ate.
He was relieved to have the bate.

While he was chewing on the fish
He broke a seal and inside was a dish.

He looked inside the dish he’d found
And drank the water with a slopping sound.

He felt so grateful, he was about to cry
For an island had saved him that fell from the sky.

He floated for a few more days
And fished to eat from his floating cave.

He finally landed far from home
In another land where he could roam.

There he met a lady polar bear,
And found a love they both could share.”

They had a life together free
And then they had a baby, me!

They felt so blessed to have a son
They called me “Luck”, the sacred one.

And so happy we were to have you
We had to name you Renew!

Joanne Hutchinson-Noble
Nov. 13th, 2010
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