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I’m sad

Protected / Endangered Animal hunter at large!

HELP I do not not how where or who to raise this travesty with! Please see this website.

This sick woman is a self professed game hunter & she has pictures of her with Lion, Lynx, Zebra, Giraffe & bear kills amongst others. I am sickened. They are killed, not tranquilised. I am in shock right now :-/ How is it legal for her to kill Giraffes & Lions etc? I went to her site & left several please explain messages I bet they will be censored.

Please add to my comments on these pics! It says: "Your comment is awaiting moderation" (Lion) (Zebra) (Lynx) (Giraffe)

What can we do about this? How can we stop her? I want to act but I don't know where to start! I am in Australia.

Earl M Digby
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