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Hello, my name is Brock i am 21 years of age and i am from Australia, i just want to know what i need to have to get started in this industry. I realy want to make a difference and to know there's organisations out there that are doing so, i want to join.

Any help would be amazing!
thank you.
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  • Mim (Official Rep) December 08, 2010 12:34
    Hi Brock,
    Thanks for your question! We hope that you are successful and get both enjoyment and satisfaction from pursuing a field that will indeed help our planet and make a difference.

    As to what you should study or focus on...... well that is a tough question. Large organisations such as WWF require an enormous range of skills - from scientific expertise in the field to accountancy, project management and communications as well as a whole lot I haven't even mentioned. Possibly a good start is to really work out what you love or have a real interest in. From this position you will best be able to help as you will find that you will willingly keep working in this field simply because you enjoy it.

    One way to get a feel for the range of jobs available at WWF is to look at our jobs section:

    The following FAQs page may also be of use with regards to possible employment with WWF:

    We also urge you to consider volunteering with your local WWF to get a better idea of what specifically you are interested in. It is also a great way to network with people working in the field who have the experience to help you with some of the choices available to you.

    Some volunteer work opportunities are posted at:
    Including WWF's Youth Volunteer Program.

    However, with regards to volunteering, simply contact any WWF office that attracts your interest. The contact details of all our offices are available at:

    I hope that this helps. All the best and good luck!

    Mim Osterberg
    WWF International Online Team
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