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questions regarding animal adoptions

why do countries have different animal adoption package? is there a way for someone who adopted an animal to actually visit that animal?
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  • Hi Hardy,
    Many of WWF's larger offices have chosen to use animal adoption programmes as a way of supporting our work with Priority Species. Seeing that many of our national offices are financially independent, these programmes will inevitable differ as they strive to appeal to their local membership. These adoption programmes also give their members an opportunity to directly donate to international projects that office is involved in, and this would vary from office to office. The funds are typically channelled into a project working to improve and entire species or population, not particular individuals. If an office provides individualised details of a particular animal, then you would need to communicate directly with that office regarding visitation opportunities. Generally speaking though, WWF's aim is to protect animals in their wild habitat while limiting any negative effects of human contact.

    I hope this answers your question. Feel free to contact our national offices directly to find out more details.

    Cheryl Griswold
    WWF International Online Team
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