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Rhino Gold - A documentary to raise awareness

We are currently fundraising to make a documentary about Rhino poaching in an effort to raise awareness to the issue.

Please can you share this project on your social media feeds and any newsletters that you may be sending out in the next few weeks and help to support this project in any way that you can.

Rhino Gold is a documentary about the community of a small town in South Africa called Hoedspruit and tells of their amazing efforts to save their local rhino population from becoming victims of illegal poaching.

The documentary aims to expose the current rhino poaching crisis from a grass roots level. Whilst also demonstrating that ordinary people can be capable of extraordinary things.

Since 2010, over 2,500 rhino have been illegally poached in South Africa to fuel a growing demand for rhino horn in Asia. The horn itself is made from keratin, same substance as human nails, yet the value or rhino horn has increased higher than gold, fetching around $65,000 per kilo.

This is a very important and topical issue and has recently received massive endorsement from the Royal Family and celebrities like Jackie Chan and David Beckham.

Rhino Gold is still in the stages of early development and is currently running as a crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter with the aim to raise £25,000 in the next 7 weeks in order to make this important documentary, which will also be used as a learning resource tool in schools once completed.

For more information please visit the Kickstarter page:

Kind Regards,

Tara Scott
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  • Miriam (Official Rep) March 14, 2014 01:24
    Thank you for writing in to WWF International. It's great to see your commitment towards the cause.

    To share a Facebook page or create a WWF campaign, we need to get a request from our local National or Programme office working on this issue.
    However, our National Offices maybe able to share your page on their own Facebook page.
    The reasons for requiring the local WWF office to contact us is to reduce inconvenience caused to WWF supporters, maximise the effectiveness of alerts to when the need is greatest, and to prevent starting actions that local offices might already be working on or posting information on through their websites.
    We suggest you contact the concerned WWF office for more details in this regard. The contact details for all our offices are available at:

    You are also able to post a message directly onto our Facebook page.

    Thanks and all the best.
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