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Save red panda

Hello, my name is Ann. We want to help our planet to save such animals like red panda. We live with my family in Spain and have enough territory to build all necessary facilities for animals. It is not for commesial offers!!! Just to save the population. We want to do it according to the law and to cooperate with WWF. Tell us please, wtat we need to do? what documents? we are ready to do all the instructions you give us, we are ready to learn, maybe even in another country how to care after red panda and how to increase their population. waiting for yoour answer. Thank you
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  • Hi Anna,
    Thanks for your message and offer of support in protecting the red panda.  WWF supports the preservation of threatened species in their natural wild habitat where ever possible.  You may be interested in contacting WWF-India, who have initiated the Red Panda Project, to find out more about their work with this species and how you may be able to help.  Contacting WWF-Spain would also be beneficial to any future partnership.

    Best of luck!
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