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Save the trees with Bali card

Hope this e-mail finds you well.

My name is Rully Hartoyo, a local colleagues from University of Warmadewa in Denpasar.

2 of My friends and I had recently research in terms of forest conservation as well as the way to save the trees.

We create a small technology to omit the use of paper, so then we could reduce the trees to be cut. The technology is called “Bali Card”. With its function, it will make whole of people as part of conservation member. Bali card designed as a card that save transaction, approve transaction and record the outcome.

However, we wish to be heard. We wish to be heard by the right persons. Who can give impact and apply this technology globally. And we choose WWF.

And our first step is contacting you and hope you spare time to see our technology.

Our main idea is to save the heritage and together with WWF giving chance the natures to grow too.

I can be contacted at my mobile phones here +6281805555437 any time to arrange visit to your office.

I actually had tried to reach you by phone too, however you were unreachable and no one lift the phone.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.

Rully Hartoyo
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