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Scientific expedition enquiry

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am a Biology student at the University of Bristol, UK. I have previously conducted filming/photographical expeditions in several countries, and am currently looking at the possibility of walking across Sumatra with a teammate. The primary aim of the expedition would be to collect data assessing the biodiversity of the region via a mega-transect, recording sighting of animals from all higher taxa along the route of our journey. The secondary aim would be to raise awareness of the threats to Indonesia’s biodiversity through film, photography, articles, and public speaking in the UK. We may also be able to get university students from the UK involved in future projects if that would be of use. Our route is not finalized, but we would plan on starting in an agricultural area, and moving into a reserve at the end of our journey, so as to compare disturbed and undisturbed ecosystems. Our main concern is the complexity of travel within a reserve, primarily permit acquisition, and a guide if necessary. If you have any advice, know of anyone who could act as a guide, or any knowledge of potential in-reserve routes it would be greatly appreciated. If not, is there anyone you could recommend who may be able to provide us with the required information?

Yours faithfully,

Oliver Broadhead
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