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Send a 13+ Dimension Message to Space On Earth Hour to ALL Lifeforms Above

Vez Inc. #News #Humans can #SEND a #4D #Light & #Sound #Harmonic #Message from #Earth #to #Space during upcoming #EarthHour

It may and/or be received as, a mesage of a "Possible" (2x3D mobius strip evolution, to a 3x4D+ higher plane). (In other words from our 3 Dimensional existance, through to 13+ Dimensionally higher plane, all at once). See @wikipedia "Dimensional Plane"

If it is at all possible, it is also possible, that it may "OPEN a DOOR" or a "Window", Instantly. If THAT is "Possible", and there is no "good" reason, "Why Not", then "WHY NOT"? THINK ABOUT IT?

For those who wish to see... Study this... There is a lot of "Evidence" "Signs" and "Proof" already available, but the "Clear Message" has not been "Understood" or become "KNOWN" until NOW...

EVERYTHING that is Possible, is Possible until Proven.

In human "LOGIC" (balanced, harmonic, communitive, collective)

Is it "Possible" 1 + 1 is also = to: 1(1), and "Infinity", and/or = "13" or something else, outside and/or inside of 3 Dimensions?

I think therefore I am. We think therefore we are.

"Me/We" Muhommad Ali. The "Perfect" Poem? if not, very close!
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