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Squirrels suffering in Thailand

I'm in Thailand for a vacation at the moment. Today I went to the big weekend market in Bangkok.
They sell living squirrels there in tiny cages. The animals were in complete panic. So many people walking by, so many noises...some didn't move at all as if in shock, others tried to escape their cages.
When these squirrels are sold, they might be "lucky" and get a cage which is a little bigger than their actual (which still isn't big). The cages are hanging in font of shops and houses where it's still too loud and busy for these shy animals.
The cages are empty. There is nothing to climb on, nothing to sit on , no food and no water and barely enough space to move.
They suffer and it hurts so bad to see this.
Is there anything I could do against this?
People here don't understand much English.. Most of them only know the names and prices of what they sell. So talking to them wouldn't be too efficient I guess.
But is there anything else that could be done?
I was thinking about buying some and let them free, but this is no real solution...
I hope you have an idea how to help, because I teakky cannot look a this :(
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  • You have reached WWF International in Gland, Switzerland. 

    For regional concerns, please contact your local WWF office:

    For animal welfare issues, please contact one of our partner organisations:
    International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) - 
    World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) -

    The Born Free Foundation in the UK welcomes all reports of animal 
    suffering for captive wild animals including zoos: 

    For illegal wildlife trade issues, please contact TRAFFIC:

    Best of luck to you
    WWF International
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