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Stop Pakistan WWF for authorizing a license to Kill a rarest species of Markhor In Pakistan

I have come to your office WWF for the safety of the life of the animals in Pakistan. Pakistan WWF authority is giving permission and license to the persons to kill a innocent Animal like Markhor (National Animal of Pakistan) . I am giving you the name of that Person who is killing Animals is Hesham Khan his facebook id and sharing some slaughter images of animals in the Page , I only have this info about this inhuman person , WWF your are requested to stop Pakistan WWF to gave license to those person who dont understands the meaning of life, and they kill those rearest speies animal just for the fun,

your help in this reagards shall be highly appriciated , because i have requested Pakistan WWF authority and they are taking no action against this person so i come to your WWF Global Office regards,

Muhammad Ali,
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