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Student Edinburgh College of Art Product design waste research

Hello my name is Ross Johnston and I am seeking your permission to talk to some of your staff regarding my final dissertation. I am sure that you get many such requests and I hope that you will be able to assist me in my research.
I am currently a fourth year student studying product design at Edinburgh College of Art. For my final year project I have decided to focus on the challenge to us all regarding waste and its management. Obviously I need to study, in depth, the types of waste being created and where it is ending up. Living in Shetland I have had first-hand experience of large quantities of waste, usually plastics, washing up on our shores and beaches. This is one of the major reasons for me taking on this project.
I would like the opportunity to speak with the most appropriate member of your staff regarding my project. I would not take up too much of their time and I can send my questions beforehand to help. However, it is very important for to legitimise my evidence by speaking first-hand with officials in the field.
I need to get an idea of where the industry is at the moment and the possible solutions that are already being developed. Then I can focus my research on the major issues and come up with possible solutions regarding; recycling, creating new products that limit waste production, creating new products from the waste and raising consumer awareness.
You can contact me by email on, by telephone on 07919374330 or by home mail at my address in Edinburgh Flat 3F3 131 Comiston Road EH10 6AQ. I hope that you can help me on my project and I look forward to hearing from you soon one way or the other. Thank you.
Yours sincerely,

Ross FG Johnston
Final Year Student Edinburgh College of Art
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