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Sunken ships wreak havoc on coastal ecosystems


Me and a friend are partnering up to launch a microsite( in partnership with ODA( regarding the havoc that sunken ships wreak on coastal ecosystems. We are shooting for a Friday (02/08/2013) release (ie lifting password & sharing on social channels). We were wondering if you would join our network of supporters and aid our project by sharing it on your website on our scheduled launch date?

Goals of the project:

Initial Goals:
Make the issue relevant to people around the world
Capture audience information (ie email and Facebook like)
ID sunk vessels on coasts around the world (if people know about it, they'll care just a little more)
Promote boat reclamation programs (creative reclamation!)

Ideas behind 'action' for people to take are:
like ODA + share microsite on Facebook & Tweet on twitter (a prewritten twitter message integrated)
Signup for ODA email newsletter
in microsite comment section, tell us about a wreck on a coast or harbor you're aware of

Hopefully you decide to join us in our mission of changing how we deal with sunken ships and our coastal ecosystems! I will contact you as we prepare for our release to remind you to share our story if you decide to support us. Thank you.


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  • Hi Javier,
    Thanks for letting us know about your initiative. I have passed this on to our marine team for comment. We will be back in touch if they can offer any advice or need information on your project. If you would like to email us directly, you may do so on

    You may wish to contact your local WWF national office directly to discuss the effects of sunken vessel in your region, and any work they may be doing in this area.

    The website URLs of our larger offices and links to our smaller offices are available at:

    Best of luck
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