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IKEA built a factory in a National Ecological Reserve and is building another in a National Reserve for Agriculture, in Portugal. Shame on them. You say IKEA and WWF share the same concerns? Then I suppose you are talking about money, can't be anything else. Shame on you. (In PT:
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  • Jackie (Official Rep) May 30, 2010 21:00

    WWF's mission is to conserve biodiversity and to promote the responsible use of natural resources. WWF would be negligent to its mission and supporters if it were to ignore the fact that multinational companies are important actors influencing the use of natural resources.

    On this particular issue, the information we have is that IKEA has followed all legal requirements and has also conducted an Environmental Impact Assessment study.

    With respect to how we raise and spend our funds you may want to have a read of the following FAQ as it may help you understand how WWF really raises funds.

    Thanks for your feedback. We welcome the opportunity to respond.
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    • Wait, are you saying you agree with the IKEA behavior in this matter?! What is the information that you have and where did you get it? Please don't say IKEA lol. Read Portuguese newspapers ( or talk to, then you can up make your mind. Don't you know how legal actions can damage the environment?! Greedy governments just put their knees down when there is big money. Everything is possible, also in Portugal. In this case, IKEA=money=greed=destruction. Ok, I accept IKEA can do some good actions. But here in Portugal, they took off the mask.
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