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The primates show humanity the way back home !!!!

The primates are our closest relative. If we could show how the monkeys live in total harmony next to humans and show through pictures how they live perhaps we could rediscover the same freedom that the primates have. All desire for money, power and position would fall away and humanity would live in peace just like its close relatives!!!! Humanity has lost something sacred whereas the primates have retained it. Its like humanity took a wrong turn somewhere in its past and it needs to find a new direction or path to take it back HOME. Back to an inward place where there is inner peace and beauty.
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  • Mim (Official Rep) April 12, 2012 11:06
    Hi Alistair,
    Great to be thinking outside the box!
    But also take into consideration that human nature is an extremely complex thing and there are many many factors, including genetics, culture, upbringing, personal experiences, health, education, personal beliefs and so on that make us who we are.

    Interestingly, a documentary on primates by David Attenborough observed very different behaviours in different groups of primates. Chimpanzees were much more aggressive and territorial, whereas their cousins the Bonobos had evolved to be peaceful, sensitive, affectionate apes. Worth watching!

    All the best,
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