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The Prince and his hunting buddy...


My name is Daniel Roe. I am (Ret.)USAF Lt. Col. Lewis J. Wright's grandson. I have been on a long journey to find out more about my grandfather since he died before I was born. I have about 12 pictures of him on African Hunting Safaris with the Prince and near aircraft, animals, media etc. I know this is a long shot, but is there any way to contact the Prince, or his representatives to find more information on my grandfather's story? This is the only option I feel to be left and true. Especially, since they were good friends.

If not, then is there any advise you can give me to start my search?

Daniel Roe
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  • Hi Daniel,
    I assume by "Prince" you are referring to Prince Bernhard, WWF Founder-President. Sadly, Prince Bernhard passed away in 2004, and I will have to if there is a suitable contact for you. Seeing as this has a personal dimension to it, it may be best for you to email us directly, by writing in again using the following “Feedback” link and select “Post it Privately” under the Continue button. This will come directly to our inbox and enable us to write back to you directly with more detailed information.

    All the best
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