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The Sustainable Creative state of mind -a real purpose for mankind's existance

Definition of Wild.
In order to establish a definition of sustainability.
Acting without consideration of consequenses.
Acting in a subjective state ..on reflex.
Acting out of fear or flight.
Not acting with compassion ..only for self preservation or protection of young or group.
Un trained...un educated...un restrained.
Agressive only if threatened.
Acting according to natural environment and characteristics of species.

Mankind does not consider himself to be wild.
So he must be acting in oposition to the above points.
In order to establish mankind's purpose (if any) ..what does mankind, as an animal, do?
...please bare with me...
Answer : Mankind decomposes things through consumption of resources.
1. A destructive state ...wild and unsustainable.
2.A creative state where we use resources to create something that is in a different form to that of the original resource. But we use resources to create something..including energy...Still not sustainable,
Unless, the production of that creation results in a product or 'tool' that can then be used to recreate, replace or assist the reproduction of the original resources used...without further decomposition or use of energy.
This can be called Sustainable Creativity.

Back to Purpose...a physical state ..that of the body seeking to ensure the survival of it's own species.
Brain assist the body to enhance wellbeing (to help survival).

Now comes the 'jump'....the realisation that we can improve our own wellbeing by improving that of other species and the Environment in which we all exist....This alone, can be considered an all encompassing Purpose for non-wild human individuals who can recognise a Sustainable Creative state adhering to the principals described previously.
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