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use of logo on website

We're an up and coming start-up, and would like to show our commitment to the environment by becoming members of the WWF and a couple of other NGOs dedicated to environmental and biodiversity conservation. We intend to donate a percentage of our future revenue to the selected NGOs. In this context, would it be acceptable to use your logo on our webpage, following the mention "We are proud members of..."?
Thanks for your prompt answer.
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  • Hi Delphine,

    Thank you very much for your interest in supporting WWF through the proceeds of your new business. You are welcome to send funds to WWF and state your intent to do so. However, using our logo is trickier as it can mislead people by suggesting that WWF endorses your business, when no such formal arrangement has been made. Our logo is protected by strict trademark laws, but we have set up a few approved buttons and banners for individuals and business such as yours to use on their sites to show their support for WWF. They also link back to our site so they are shown to be legitimate. Have a look through the following page to see if anything suites your needs:

    If you don't feel any of these work for you, there are a few more options for you. You can try contacting you local WWF national office, as they may have more options available for you with donations support and promotion. Here is our global contact page:

    Finally, you can have a look at the following page and use the contact link at the very bottom to get in touch with our corporate relations team:

    Hi hope this helps.
    Best of luck.
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