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I thought for months and days but i ddnt find any usefullness in sustainable developement..for me there can be no developement of humams widout exploiting our mother nature..our developement cant do good to nature..never..y do human need to develope so mch?? isn't it not enough..i want a reformation to this idea..sustainable developement cant do gud in long term..what if the top businessmen of india buy the plots of forests nd preserve them?? they can easily do..and what about increasing the salaries of the forest securities?? so that more of people get attracted to this job...the sector of conservation has a long way to go and develope..please take active steps in dat field to attract more people to that field.....
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  • Jackie (Official Rep) July 25, 2011 04:37
    Hi Debarum
    thanks for writing in. "Sustainable development" is certainly a difficult phrase to think through. It is true that all development (even just basic survival) requires us to use resources from nature.

    However sustainable development can be thought of as 'sticking' to a budget rather than no development.

    When sticking to a financial budget you might ask the following questions, how much money is coming in to this household weekly? how much of that money can we use but still have enough to meet future goals as well as current needs? Can we buy something less expensive but just as helpful?

    In sustainable development you would ask similar questions - what resources do we have to begin with?, how quickly can used resources replenish themselves?, can we be more efficient and use less resources to achieve the same end?

    WWF is positive about sustainable practices (which sometimes includes appropriate development) and we work in collaborative projects to try and ensure sustainability.

    You might be interested in the following WWF focuses on fishing, livelihoods, agriculture and forestry

    There is no doubt we all have to do better but WWF believes sustainability is a worthwhile goal after all we are already "overusing" nature's resources.

    So sustainable development doesn't have to mean using "more" resources instead it can mean innovation that allows us to better budget nature's renewable resources.
    Have a read of the following "good news" story about how sustainable forestry and innovations of the "forest stewardship council" fit in with some of the ideas that you shared.

    I hope that this helps you see "sustainable development" in a more positive light.
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