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I’m sad

What is "thanksgiving"?

I just got a mail from you about something called "thanksgiving" What is that and why should I care? I have heard of a religious custom in the US called thanksgiving, but surely you cannot refer to that? Or is WWF turning into an American, religiously sanctimonious organization?

Even if there was no direct religious connotations in this "thanksgiving" custom, does the sender of the newsletter understand, that most people in the world don't have clue and should not have a clue about pilgrims and natives and turkeys etc...

I received the offending message from Emily Geer, Online Content Producer.
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  • Hello Ruikku

    This message was passed on from Emily Geer to you

    I'm sorry if I have offendeded you. That was really not my intention.

    It is true that thanks giving is mostley celebrated in the US and Canada, but I considered the values of the celebration - to be grateful and thankful for what we have - to be global. It seemed to me that as Haloween, it is gaining more of a global scope.

    In any case, I thank you for your feedback. It's good to know what you like from us, and what you don't like.

    Best wishes,

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