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what's with the huge headers?

The huge header on every page is a big turn off. It hides the more useful information while offering nothing but some pretty patterns. This can be reduced to a bare minimum functional level
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  • WWF (Official Rep) August 11, 2009 13:10
    Very fair point :-)

    We did start the redesign process thinking we would do away with a header altogether. It takes up valuable screen estate and pushes some of the messages down, often below the screen fold.

    The designer, a clever bloke, came back with a different view... and also a very fair point.

    He said that what we present is not just information, but emotion.

    It is an impression that we need to give.

    Plus we also managed to get some useful functions in there as well - such as myWWF, search, change WWF sites.

    Just wish there could be more in there :-)

    So defo see and hear where you are coming from.

    Would appreciate hearing any more comments or suggestions you have about the site.


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