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I’m angry and frustrated about this lost!

Why there isn't a local presence of WWF in Guatemala?

Why there isn't a local presence of WWF in Guatemala? How I can help WWF to take action and come to Guatemala, in a way that we can have local and permanent presence? We have a lot of jungle, a lot of nature, we need to protect it, but the government can't provide education and open the eyes of the people who's destroying our land, our jungles, our little part of this world. I'm a student, I love nature, and I want to work with someone who cares about it, but in this country doesn't exist any permanent presence of any international organization of this kind, the most closer to us (of WWF) can't truly help to make a change (those offices are in Mexico, United States and Costa Rica), those offices are to far to make the people to get the idea, and have to work more harder to reach this people, and help them to understand about what they're doing to them selves, to this land, to this country and to the planet.
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