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Workers pressuring people into signing contracts, lying to people and taking leaflets out of bags.

Yesterday in Loughborough in the United Kingdom I was approached in the street by a WWF worker.

He told me "We are not looking for donations today" then gave me a leaflet and asked if I would like to take some more information. I was busy and obliged as I would actually like to know more about the charity.

So he takes his iPad and starts to collect my details while taking my information. While doing this he keeps repeating "We are not asking for donations"... until he asks me to sign, agreeing to pay a 12 month contract direct debit of 10 pounds a month for the next year.

When I said I didn't want to sign up to a directdebit, if I was going to donate I would like to read up on the charity's spending habits etc. He became rude to me and said there isn't anything else to know apart from them helping animals. He then became very unfriendly and asked me to hand my leaflet back (which he placed in my bag) stating "we work on a cost effective basis". I told him with the leaflet I would probably donate in the future and he said "I still need it back".

The issues I have with this situation are:

1. Instead of caring about raising awareness, it felt like he was only friendly with me as he wanted my money... his attitude changed completely when I said I would like to read about it first.

2. He lied on multiple occasions about taking money, then when he presented me with a contract for setting up a direct debit he tried to pressure me into signing it.

3. I understand non profit organisations need to save money where they can... but instead of snatching leaflets from peoples bags, why not use paper or buy a cheaper tablet, instead of a £400 iPad.
I know Apple as a company and I am almost certain they did not donate them. Saving paper is just as important as saving animals but if the only need for a tablet device is to fill out a form, a cheap £50 one would be a much more cost effective way to save money.

I have no idea if this man was paid or he was a volunteer, from the way he was acting it seemed like he was on a commission based salary. If he was a volunteer (I doubt it from the suit, tie and iPad) then I can see why you would choose anyone, but if you employ people like this, how can I trust the charity?
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