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WWF should stop using Flash

WWF makes use of Flash on the web site. This technology drives up cpu utilization, requires more energy and has an environmental impact.

For example the "Footprint Interactive Graph" here:

Ironically, the energy footprint of this web page is larger than it needs to be because it uses Flash. Multiply the increased energy required by the number of visitors to this page.

We need to reduce our energy footprint wherever we can, and a good place to start on the web is by removing Flash technology from web sites (and optimizing pages to work without increasing cpu load in general).
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  • Hi Kat Thanks for getting in touch, and thanks for your feedback about our use of Flash.

    We no longer develop any interactive tools in Flash as we agree - it's an old, inefficient technology. As well as the increased CPU use, it's usually inaccessible, more expensive to develop and maintain and excludes a significant proportion of people who visit our site from mobile devices.

    There are still some a few flash elements on our site, like that interactive graph, that we are no longer maintaining but as they still get regular visits, we won't be archiving them just yet.

    Occasionally we are sent interactive flash elements by other parts of the WWF organisation and third parties that we may decide to publish on, but these are getting rarer and rarer for the above reasons.

    Kind regards,
    Adrian Cockle
    Digital Innovation Manager, WWF International
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