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I’m happy


Hey I Was Hoping you might likeThis
Im On A Websit Called Crowdrise---
Its A Global Website That you Can Start Charities To Raise Money For Your Cause And I Have A project Called *STOP DEFORESTATION* All The Money Raised I've Chosen To Go Straight To WWF I Was Hopping If WWF Could Help In A Way Help This Project
For Example Somone In Your Organisation Set Up A WWF on It But Its Very Poorly Taken Care Of Last Comment Somone Said On It By WWF Was 6months Ago i have left messages on it so Please Look into that

Also Please Consider This To Donate To My Project Reasons??
*It Will Benefit The Same Charity But At The Same Time Show Memebers On CrowdriseThat Our Project Is Working So That More Will want To Join And Benefit WWF We Alread Raised 300 Dollars And More To Come If you Care About WWF And Want to help
Join Crowdrise Today Or Donate To My Charity Have A Look In Th Link Below

I Was Hoping Realy Hoping That You Could Give A Grant
Im 300 Dollars Raised In The First Month If I Can Raise Another 200 Dollars Before 29 Janaury 2011 Would WWF Make A Donation Of 200Dollars Matching It The Money Will Right Back To You But It Will Benefit Me And Make It Easy For Me To Get More People To Help Raise Money For Crowdrise
Please Have A Look At Crowdrise Your Charity Page And Have Somone Manage That
And Have A Look At My Project
In The Link Below
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