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I’m sad needs updates: expired actions, errors and more actions

Hello dear WWF,

I have been a WWF supporter for many years. WWF has unique goals that we all want to be accomplished. However, after an extensive enquiries on the homepage of the WWF International I am critizing the current online activism work of the WWF.

I live in Israel and want to take action on the WWF International. I went to the homepage, chose WWF International since my country was not listed and clicked on"Take Action" ( ). I tried several actions:

Help Protect Tigers from Illegal Trade
21 October 2011

Failure of dam project a victory for civil society and nature in Montenegro
17 October 2011

Save Mexico’s Cabo Pulmo National Park
08 October 2011

but all of them are expired! It took me some time till I came to the campaign "Help Japain move to a 100%", which actually was current. It frustrates, takes time and energy resources while opening web sites (something what WWF stayes for is the effective energy use while online). The campaign Help put a stop to whale hunting is expired as well. The web site of the campaign Help us protect Australia's snubfin dolphin when going on TAKE ACTION: Send your letter to Environment Minister Tony Burke now! reports an error
The same happends in case of the campaign "Save the Cerrado in Brazil": by clicking on the action link Get involved now and ask them to take a lead an error appears
Update has not been done for a long time and actions are from the summer 2011. Moreover: some action campaigns in the form they are presented on are informations rather then actions.
I am a supporter (donations and actions) of the wwf and am glad to make my contribution by making my comments and writing this email. But I'm getting a feeling that wwf is not doing much at the moment to encourage people to participate in the campaigns. I remember better times then I took an action every single day. What is happening? WWF is one of the largest environmental NGO and should lead the environmental movement. I believe in its goals, but I have to sadly admit that it doesn't do a well job today (I can speak here only for online activism and content of the homepage since there is no WWF site for my country) and maybe there is another NGO which I should support instead. I spent some time on writing and going through the homepage. I'm asking you for a short respond!

About WWF-US Conservation Action Network : since (as I said) there is no WWF website for my country (Israel), I followed the urge TAKE ACTION: Join the WWF-US Conservation Action Network on the expired campaign ( Help put a stop to whale hunting and joined the US Conversation network. I filled up my profile chosing my country "Israel" and was accepted to the network. Still I was not able to take actions since my ZIP code 64239 in Tel Aviv is not in the database. I was getting the respond: We're sorry, but we cannot send your message because we were unable to find your ZIP code in our database. Please notify World Wildlife Fund at so they can update their records. Since I suppose that this network was designed for US residents (and this I read out of context of one of the messages "Our country has a long-standing tradition of bipartisan support..." (Don't Let Congress Slash Funding for the Environment & Conservation)). I don't understand why the WWF invite then members of other countries to join the network and then exclude them from signing petitions since they don't have an US ZIP code.
I believe in the goals of the WWF and hope for the best for all of us. May we be a global community once more!

Sincerely yours
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